Katie Johnson (hisgirlfriday77) wrote in broadwaysinger,
Katie Johnson

I need a song

I need some help. Ive been asked to sing at a ceremony during senior week and Im on my own as far as picking a song. Another girl is singing as well so we thought we might do a duet. We have distinctly different voices. (For instance she played Little Sally in Urinetown and I played Mama Morton in Chicago)

Can anyone think of a song that we could sing together... it doesn't have to be written as a duet as we can get it arranged for 2 people. It just has to be "graduation-y". The first thing that popped into my head was "Theres Gotta Be SOmething Better Than This" from Sweet Charity but I think the administration would frown upon that.

Also.. it doesn't neccessarily have to be from a musical and it could be funny or sappy. Either is fine.


If you can't think of something that could be a duet... what about 2 solos?
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The duet "For Good" (lyrics) from the end of Wicked might be a possibility. It's very appropriate for a graduation and is sung mostly in alternating parts, with some harmonization at the end, so it could accommodate different voices pretty well.