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HELP. Please, seriously.

I don't know how you guys normally handle requests like these...you probably usually ignore them. But I'm in college (music minor, if you must know), and the junior class has to put on a show for the school. For this, we've written a version of the Cell Block Tango to perform. I've got a program to karaokeify songs, so we thought we'd have no problems...except for the fact that it can't get rid of all the voices! (And some girls sound like robots.)

The point of the whole thing is this: Does ANYONE have a good Cell Block Tango karaoke track? Everything I find online wants you to order the CD+G, but we kind of need this Thursday for practice. If anyone does have it and will upload it to SendSpace or the likes of, I will wish a thousand happinesses upon you and your family. Seriously.
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